The Lure of the Land: Farming after Fifty, 1915, by Harvey W. Wiley

Wiley, Harvey W., M.D. The Lure of the Land: Farming after Fifty, The Century Company, New York, 1915.


I.   The Lure of the Land    3
II.   Agriculture a Learned Profession   11
III.   The Boomers and the Boomees   18
IV.   The Born-on-the-Farm Myth   28
V.   The Dairy the Hope of the Small Farmer   35
VI.   The Farmer's Wife versus the Dairy Cow   41
VII.   The Orchard a Recreation and Sometimes a Source of Profit   46
VIII.   Health on the Farm    53
IX.   Farm Labor   61
X.   Prohibition for the Farmer   69
XI.   Is the Small Farmer to Disappear?   78
XII.   The Place of the Farmer in the Social Scale   86
XIII.   The Farmer's Market   92
XIV.   The Farmer and the Parcel Post   100
XV.   Business Methods in Farming   114
XVI.   Farm Finance   119
XVII.   "Back to the Farm!"   145
XVIII.   Power on the Farm    160
XIX.   Agricultural Wastes   167
XX.   The Genesis of the Soil and its Possibilities   173
XXI.   What is Becoming of our Soils?   208
XXII.   The Fertility of the Soil   226
XXIII.   Dry Farming   237
XXIV.   The Function of Water in Agriculture   244


Chapter                     Page
XXV.   The Decreasing Meat Supply   252
XXVI.    Statistics Relating to Animals on Farms    269
XXVII.    The True Relation of Science to the Industries and Arts    274
XXVIII.    Uncle Sam's Big Farm    324
XXX.    A Tribute to Squanto    340
Index    359