How to BuyPBE League of Legends Account at Gamestore.Live

About League of Legends Game and its Servers

League of Legends is an online battle PC game published by the Riot games company for the Windows and Mac OS. It is the most played PC game in Europe and North America. The game has currently had more than 100 million active players each month. The game is a battle between the player’s champion team and the opponent enemy team. The game climax is to destroy the Nexus of the enemy team which is a unique structure hidden under defensive structures.

The players can create a free lol accounts online by registering with unique email id to play. With a free lol accounts, players can play the 30 level League of legends game and get into the ranked match. Free LOL profiles offer rare skins, champs,and RP. You can check a number of free lol accounts in this link: The LOL account can be got here without any investment and enjoy the features and benefits that it offers. However, the amount of free lol accounts are limited and players have to wait for their chance since the profiles are limited. The profiles are sold for different locations. The free profiles contain 30 levels or more, unranked ELO, up to 150 champions, up to 200 skins, up to 200 RP and up to 20 Rune pages.

Thirteen OL servers are available to players across countries. The servers are named with location names like North America, EU west, WE east, Turkey, Brazil, Oceania, Latin North, Latin South, Russia, Japan,and PBE servers. They are further categorized by age groups, price, champions count, champion names ELO and rare skins. Each server has its own ranking, management, community,and dynamics.

AboutPBE LOL Servers and its Features

The Public Beta Environment, shortly known as PBE servers have the highest ping. PBE is the first servers of the League of Legends. The PBE LOL accounts can be purchased from the link – The PBE servers were launched in October 2009. PBE serversleague of legends diamond is a League server, where players can play the upcoming features, content,and experiments ready for prime time. The PBE servers allow the players to do the following.

  1. Test the newly available opportunities in LOL game
  2. Enjoy new LOL content
  3. Run experiments that are not available on the main servers.

How to buy a PBE LOL Account?

At, you can choose the best gaming profile that suits your need and chooses to buy them. The filters help to tick off the options of your choice before you buy a PBE account. The accounts are priced at reasonable rates. Players can easily check the online PBE accounts available at the website in the link buy one for themselves. You need to sign up to buy a PBE server account from the website for Windows and Apple OS. You need to have an active PBE account to log in and buy the server.