Portable Tents for shade and comfort at the beach

There are many occasions and places where one finds a necessity of portable tents. Whether it’s at the beach or camping or any other place. A pop up tent is sure something that comes handy to protect you from sun and at the same time is something where you can rest. With a wide range of tents available as per your requirement, there is always confusion while choosing one for yourself. While there are many features that one looks for, in a tent, the basic purpose of a tent is to provide shade and comfort from the harsh sun rays.

Tips to choose a good beach tent:

While a good tent can provide you shelter and comfort, picking a wrong one would turn out to be a disaster if you do not have clarity on your requirement.

  1. Camping at different places has a different feel. Just like that, one tent can’t fit all the requirements. It is really difficult to find a tent that will suit all your requirements. While you are camping at the beach, the first priority is getting shade from the sun. So, pick a shade shack portable beach tent that gives you optimum shade. There are tents with fabric that provide UPF protection from sun.
  2. The size of the tent is another feature to consider. Depending on the number of people who would use the tent, there are a wide variety of tents that fit in anywhere from 2-5 people comfortably.
  3. The tent also needs to be sturdy to withstand the strong winds on the beach. For this, there are tents that come with sand pockets and stakes which make them wind proof.
  4. While the tent should be sturdy, it is very important to choose a light weight one, as one would obviously want something that is easy to carry, set up and dismantle. They also have a storage bag.
  5. The tent should also be well ventilated to enjoy the weather and also feel comfortable in the tent. This will also help to block out strong winds and avoid problems of flying away of the tent.
  6. Shade shack portable beach tent also come with compartments/pockets where you can store small things like sunscreen or sunglasses. They also have a roll up floor which gives floor to set up things in your tent.


Considering these tips to buy a good beach tent will sure help you to meet most of your requirements and have a fun filled time with family and friends at the beach. While you consider these points, maintenance of the tent is also equally important for a complete rest in the shade.