Introduction to Surrogacy

Surrogacy emerged as an alternative for parents who have been deemed incapable of having kids. This latest technology extracts the egg and sperm from parents and uses a third person, or surrogate to host the child for the 9 months of pregnancy.

There are many things a couple need to consider if they are thinking of adopting this approach. Some of these are discussed below.

1- When to choose

Surrogacy can be chosen as an option for those who have had several years of failure trying to conceive. If a woman has continuous miscarriages or the doctor rules out the possibility of having children, such a couple can consider surrogacy.

2- Learn about it

There is a strong need to know what is a surrogate before deciding to have kids through this procedure. Being informed about the procedure and process will make help you settle your feelings if you want to go through with the procedure or not.

3- In Vitro Fertilization

What follows a decision in surrogacy process is IVF. This is the process of fertilizing the egg with the sperm in a lab and then transferring it to the surrogates’ uterus. Here it is important that you check the rules and regulations of your country concerning the procedure. Also, make sure you select a qualified and good facility for the IVF procedure.

4- Timeline

The place you choose for the procedure plays an important role in determining the timeline of your surrogate procedure. The cost also depends entirely on the country so make sure you check thoroughly before making a decision.

5- Date fixing

After everything is decided, its time you set your date for the entire procedure. For example, you have to decide when to donate the egg and sperm, the date of the IVF and when the embryo will be transferred. It depends if you want to do it locally, the embryo will immediately be transferred to a local surrogate or it may be frozen and sent abroad.

If the surrogate tests positive the pregnancy starts, otherwise you might have to try again. Conduct proper research on what is a surrogate mother before undertaking the procedure, for this is vital.